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Do I need to Treat My Timber?

filed under Timber Knowledgebase

When purchasing timber, we recommend that you look into what you need to do to treat and maintain it. There’s a vast array of treatment products out there and they all have different jobs to do. ...  Read more

Teak Wood for Sale

filed under iWood News

iWood are now supplying Teak for the first time online. At the moment we can’t provide instant pricing but if you send through your requirement on our Teak wood for sale enquiry form we will get ...  Read more

Teak Boards For Decking

filed under iWood News

Depending on the project you are working on Teak boards are usually suitable and capable of doing the job. Teak is an outstanding resource which is backed by its popularity for use in harsh envir ...  Read more

Teak Hardwood

filed under iWood News

Teak hardwood is the most durable timber we supply making it one of the most sought-after timbers. Teak not only looks great but is so durable that the only treatment it needs is UV protection if ...  Read more

Larch Wood For Sale

filed under iWood News

We have two types of larch wood for sale, British and Siberian, which are both good for outdoor use. Siberian Larch is a pale creamy white in colour whereas the British is a more Orange/Red colou ...  Read more

Machined Larch Boards

filed under iWood News

We provide machined larch boards in various profiles for all your cladding and decking needs. We have set profiles available for each product which you can find the drawings for on our website. W ...  Read more

Siberian Larch Timber

filed under iWood News

Larch is a softwood which tends to be used for cladding and decking. This timber is great for outdoor work and is a cheaper alternative to Oak and Cedar whilst being very durable. Read more

Oak Sleepers and Posts for Landscape Gardening

filed under iWood News

Landscaping your garden is a great way to get the most out the land on your home. It can turn a dreary, weed ridden lawn into a place of beauty. Instead of a boring patch of green, you can have an ...  Read more

Teak Wood Uses

filed under iWood News

Teak is an incredible timber and is one of the most sought after because of its immense durability. The lifespan of teak wood is unrivalled and long enough to mean that treatment has no effect. The ...  Read more

Wood Beams in Architecture

filed under iWood News

Wood Beams have been used in architecture for centuries and some of the most impressive structures in the world are wo ...  Read more

Oak Wood in Construction

filed under iWood News

Throughout the country there are both old and new buildings that have been built using oak wood. The timber sets the building alight and is one of the first talking points for people seeing the bui ...  Read more

Structural Advantages of Oak Timber

filed under iWood News

As a constructional material oak is one of the most durable you can get and is quicker to construct than bricks. Oak timber is instantly recognisable, being one of the most traditional building mat ...  Read more

Boat Building

filed under iWood News

One of timbers most popular uses is boat building. From the canals of Birmingham to the harbour of Monte Carlo you will find wood at work. The variety of Timber that can be used on various aspects ...  Read more

A Renewable Material

filed under Logging and Deforestation

Wood is not only a popular building material because of its structural and aesthetic properties. It’s also one of the worlds leading renewable sources of building materials. iWood are proud ...  Read more

Planed All Round Or Cut to Size

filed under iWood News

Planed all round and cut to size (Sawn to Size) are two of our most popular products. But which one should you choose? Planed All Round Planed All Round Timber is delivere ...  Read more

FAS Quality

filed under iWood Website

FAS stands for “First and Second” and is typically found in American and African Timbers such as: American White Oak Read more

Mobile Website, More Packs Online, Data Protection

filed under iWood News

Morning, we have three pieces of interesting news we’d like to share with you today. iWood’s New Mobile Friendly Website Firstly, you may have already noticed that the iWood w ...  Read more

The Timber Lifecycle

filed under Timber Knowledgebase

We've put together a page showing how iWood's timber goes from forest, to felling, to sawing and drying in preparation to supplying to our customers who turn it into a finished product. ...  Read more

New Customer Galleries Section

filed under iWood Website

A growing collection of project photographs sent in from iWood customers. Thanks to everyone who's sent pictures in so far. ...  Read more

Cladding Accessories Extended

filed under iWood News

A quick note to say our Cladding Accessories are now available in British Timbers to match our main cladding products. You can no ...  Read more

9 Ridiculous Titles We Won't be Using To Promote our New Oak Pack Builder

filed under iWood News

We’ve just launched our new, unique Oak Pack BuilderRead more

New Western Red Cedar Cladding Information Section

filed under iWood News

Because of the current increase in Western Red Cedar interest, we've put together a small fact-file on the tree and its timber.  ...  Read more

Cladding Accessories Now Available

filed under iWood News

Cladding corner pieces, fascia boards and battens are now available to compliment our solid timber cladding. You can buy all the timber for your cladding project in one place. ...  Read more

The iWood Timber Chooser

filed under iWood News

Did you know the iWood Timber Chooser will suggest timber species for you based on your intended use, preferred colour, durability requirements and even density? Have a play! ...  Read more

iWood Advocates the use of Oak in Landscape Architecture

filed under iWood News

Backed up by years of timber expertise and customer support, iWood makes it easy for landscape architects and designers to specify timber for their projects. ...  Read more

British Timbers Launched on iWood Website

filed under iWood News

Due to increasing demand for native British timbers, iWood would like to announce a special collection of Constructional Beams and External Claddings that have been grown in Britain. ...  Read more

Alice Holt Forest Visitor's Centre - Photo Gallery

filed under iWood News

iWood supplied various timber products to the Forestry Commission for their visitor's centre in Alice Holt Forest. Timber included Douglas Fir Beams, Larch Cladding and Sweet Chestnut Decking. Have a ...  Read more

Customer Testimonial - European Ash for Stair Treads

filed under Customer Project

Mr. Barker has been in touch with a great picture of the stairs made from the European Ash ordered from us. I think you'll agree they look great. ...  Read more

Dover Castle Visitor's Centre - Photo Gallery

filed under iWood News

Area manager John Howell digs out a series of photographs from when he supplied Dover Castle's Visitor Centre with their internal and external oak cladding. Take a look at the photo gallery. ...  Read more

iWood November Newsletter

filed under iWood News

How Can You “Trick” the iWood Website into Giving Better Prices? Why is iWood’s Timber on the TV? iWood Celebrates Best Month Ever – Is the Industry ‘On the Mend’? What’s Next for iWood’s New Website? ...  Read more

iWood Oak Cladding at Huntley Wood

filed under iWood News

In 2012 iWood supplied One Square Edge, One Waney Edge oak cladding to the Huntley Wood Outdoor Events Venue in Cheadle, Staffordshire. In this photo series we go back a year on to see how the timber ...  Read more

Search for specific things on the iWood website

filed under iWood Website

After the launch of the new iWood website last month, we’ve rebuilt the site search function to help you find specific things on iWood. The search box is available at the top of the screen just to the ...  Read more

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