Tongue & Groove Cladding

Tongue and Groove cladding boards fit together on the long edges (like floorboards), can be fitted vertically or horizontally (depending on the profile you choose) and provide a modern, uniform look. We offer five different profiles for you to choose from once you've selected a species below.

Photo: Tongue and Groove British Western Red Cedar

British Western Red Cedar Tongue and groove timber cladding

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Tongue & Groove Cladding (T&G)

All Cladding is machined to match a profile of your choice and is available in a variety of species. We highly recommend T&G cladding because of its added security benefits of having boards that fit together rather than overlapping and increased weather protection that it brings.

There are five standard tongue and groove cladding profiles that we work to which are:

This is the most popular tongue groove cladding we supply and is a traditional T&G board which can be fitted either horizontally or vertically. IWC1 is 19mm thick and has a 135mm face.

This is similar to IWC1 with the main difference being that the face width of the board is 88mm rather than 135mm.

IWC3 is a V Jointed tongue and groove cladding which is suitable for secret nailing. The profile has a 125mm face, is 19mm thick and can be fitted either vertically or horizontally.

IWC4 isn't quite V-jointed but it does have a half-V channel to help with water run-off (making it similar to a shiplap profile). This profile can be secret nailed and is suitable for horizontal or vertical fitting. The face width of the board will be 125mm.

IWC5 is the only profile we recommend is fitted vertically only because of the square channel in the boards. IWC5 can be secret nailed and has a 125mm face with.

You can find more information on all of our Tongue Groove Cladding timber profiles when you select a species above. When you have selected your species and worked out a price you can see alternative prices from other species so that you get the timber most appropriate to your budget.

Popular Tongue and Groove Cladding

Western Red Cedar is the most popular tongue groove cladding we supply and it's easy to see why. Cedar is one of the most remarkable timbers we supply, it's durable and looks amazing with its various array of colours.

Alternative names

Tongue and Groove boarding is also probably what you're looking for if you're searching for Sarking , tongue and groove Panelling or timber cladding .

Frequently asked questions about our tongue and groove cladding

Below we've answered some commonly asked questions from our customers:

Is cladding the same as T&G?

Timber cladding is broken down into profile categories such as Tongue and groove and Featheredge Cladding, this describes the shape/design of the cladding profile. We supply various cladding profiles which all produce different aesthetics.

Is this type of cladding waterproof?

Tongue and groove cladding is indeed waterproof and its design allows for water runoff through the groove on the face of the board.

Can tongue and groove be used outside?

The most common use for T&G cladding is external wood cladding fixed to the outside of a building.


  • Strong and durable

  • Allows for good water runoff

  • Rot resistant

  • Damp resistant

  • Comparatively low maintenance

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