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English Oak Beams

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English Oak to Buy On Line

English Oak is structurally sound and are equivalent to the European QP1 grade. They are available both planed and sawn to your requirements. Common uses for English Oak are:

  • Trusses
  • Purlins
  • Posts
  • Timber Framing

These beams are fresh sawn when supplied so they will shrink slightly in the width and thickness and the surface will split and crack over time.

We source English Oak from local, well managed, sawmills in order to make sure production is sustainable. There is currently a large push to increase forest land in Britain and sustainable harvesting is the key to that.

The timber is available in the following sizes online:

  • Thickness: 50mm-300mm
  • Width: 50mm-300mm
  • Length: 1.2m-8.0m

If you require sizes outside of those limits please call us, as specialist Oak suppliers, we may still be able to source it from English Oak or a comparable species.

Difference between a Sawn and Planed Finish

A sawn finish leaves saw marks in the timber and the edges are left with a rough feeling to them. There is also a 5mm tolerance either way for the section sizes. A Planed finish leaves a smoother surface and a squarer section.

When working with the beams, if you are working from centre lines, then a sawn finish is more than suitable. If you need the beam to be square, then a planed finish will be more suitable. Our Oak Trusses, Gazebos and Pergolas are all planed.

Treating Your Wood

Timber can be left untreated, if you would like to treat it though, the best people to speak to are wood finishes direct. They will give you option for protecting your timber.

Blue Stain and tannings

Sometimes Oak can be supplied with a blue stain on the timber, this is where it has reacted with the metal from the saw. You can remove this by applying Oxalic acid to the timber or a light sanding.

The same Oxalic method can be used to remove any tannins that leak out of the Oak onto other surfaces such as slabs and walls. We do recommend testing the acid in a small discreet area first to make sure you don’t ruin the surface.

Please note it is standard industry practice to supply timber slightly overlength so the Oak beam can to be cut down on site.

For any enquiries on our English Oak please call 01889 279018.

English Oak Photographs

We offer a whole range of other timber products including oak flooring, cladding, architrave and skirting.

Example Pricing for iWood English Oak

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Fresh Sawn Structural: 100mm x 100mm x 2m - £60 inc (£50.00 ex)

(Product #: IW-5-45-37)

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Timber Species Information

English Oak

Species Group:
Temperate Hardwoods
2 - Durable (Learn about Durability)
Colour Description:
Yellow brown
Mean Density:
1200 KG/m3 (Wet) - 720 KG/m3 (Kiln Dried)
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Fresh Sawn Structural
Product Code: IW-5-45-37

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