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Canadian Western Red Cedar Fence Slats
Please note that iWood is a wholesale timber merchant, and because much of our timber is imported to order, we have a site-wide minimum order amount of £350.00 ex VAT for collection (£750.00 ex VAT for delivery).

We supply Planed All Round Cedar slats which provide a great contemporary screen when a fence panel isn't required.

You can find a guide on fitting your slats below

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Supplied in random Lengths 1.83m and longer

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Random Lengths 1.83m and Longer
Minimum order
Please note that iWood is a wholesale timber merchant, and because much of our timber is imported to order, we have a site-wide minimum order amount of £350.00 ex VAT for collection (£750.00 ex VAT for delivery).
Lead time: Canadian Cedar: 14 to 17 working days (our products are cut to order)
British Cedar: 21 to 28 working days (our products are cut to order)
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Canadian Western Red Cedar Gallery

These slats are fitted with a 5mm Gap

British Western Red Cedar Gallery

Cedar Slats

Cedar Slats are becoming more and more popular because of the natural variation in colour of cedar and its natural resistance to infestation and rot.

We supply slats in both British and Canadian Western Red Cedar and they both have their own characteristics when it comes to choosing your slats.

Sizes Available

Our slats are proved in section sizes of:

  • 45mm x 18mm
  • 95mm x 18mm

Slats are planed smooth on all four sides.

We can supply lengths between 0.61m and 4.27m. Any longer and you run the risk of not being able to keep the slats straight.

Planed all round graphic

Canadian Western Red Cedar Slats

The Canadian Cedar is a darker red colour and has a lot of colour variation which makes it so attractive.

This Cedar contains minimal knots which gives a more modern look to your slats.

The Canadian timber is very stable and has minimal water movement which means that it won't expand and shrink as much as other timbers.

British Western Red Cedar Slats

British Cedar Slats are a consistant light red colour which is full of character.

The knotty character of this timber will give your slats a more traditional Look.

Treating Cedar Fence Slats

You can treat your slats to keep their colour by applying a UV potection oil.

This will help to protect the timber from turning silvery grey for longer.

You can find more information on treating timber at Wood Finishes Direct.

Fitting your slats

Treat your slats before applying them and make sure to give them an equal coating on all sides.

To avoid splitting the timber we recommend predrilling any holes in your slats to leave room for the timber to move without warping

Use spacers to space your slats out evenly between 5mm and 10mm for maximum visual effect.

To fix your slats use stainless steel screws. Iron nails or screws will rust and the oxidised metal will react badly with the timber.

Unlike pre-made fence panels, we recommend supporting cedar fence slats with a fixed vertical post every 1m. Then screw the slats into each post that they come into contact with.

As you go along the fence make sure that the slats line up with each other and hide the join by fixing a batten over the ends of the two meeting slats.

When typing in the panel size for working out a price above, the panel width is the length you would like each slat to be.

Slats will be provided over length so you will need to cut them down. The minimum length you receive is listed in the lengths box above.

Can't find what you are looking for?

If you can't find the sizes you are looking for please see our Planed All Round Western Red Cedar page.

From there you can enter your exact cutting list and get the sizes you want.

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