Waney Edge Cladding

Waney Edge Cladding has one sawn straight edge and one 'waney' edge that still has bark on to the profile of the tree it was cut from.

The boards are overlapped to hide the straight sawn edges. With its non-uniform lines following the shape of the tree it was cut from, Waney Edge cladding gives the most traditional, timeless, natural look to a building.

Photo: British Larch Waney Edge

British Larch Waney Edge timber cladding

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Waney Edge Cladding is only available in British timbers (with the exception of European Oak). British Timbers are ideal for waney edge cladding because they are all fresh sawn and are available in characterful grades which means that they contain knots.

We supply Waney Edge cladding in our IWC11 profile which is non-standard because of the nature of Waney Edge cladding means that no two boards are the same. Ideally you would overlap the boards by around 25% but it’s up to you how much overlap you actually use. IWC11 has one square end which is the hidden end of the board so that the Waney edge is showing.

You can select your species of Waney Edge cladding above. When you have selected a species you will be able to find more information on treating and fitting your cladding as well as additional information on the strengths and weaknesses of each species.

Popular Waney Edge Cladding

One of the more popular species of Waney Edge cladding we supply is British Western Red Cedar. British Cedar is very knotty so goes really well with the traditional waney edge boards. The colour of the Cedar is light reddish-brown.

Our British Timbers are becoming more and more popular and we are proud supporters of the grown in Britain programme. Grown in Britain is an organisation which is looking to increase conservation of British Timbers which will mean that the timber will become a fully renewable resource that we can continue to tap into long into the future.

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