Feather Edge Cladding

'Feather Edged' or 'Feather Edge' boarding is the most cost effective way of cladding a building in timber. It's fitted horizontally with overlapping, wedge shaped boards.

Photo: Oak Feather Edge Treated by Customer

Oak Feather Edge timber cladding

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Our Feather Edge Cladding is supplied Rough sawn in a variety of species and profiles. Feather edge is one of the cheapest claddings we supply because it doesn’t need machining to a profile, the timber is rough sawn.

Our two standard profiles of feather edge cladding are IWC9 and IWC10. They both run from 25mm thick down to 9mm, the only real difference is the width – IWC9 is 200m wide whereas IWC10 is 150mm. These profiles are designed to have a 25mm overlap, however, with feather edge you do have a bit of flexibility in terms of how much you want to overlap them which is one of its many benefits.

You can select the species of cladding you want by choosing one of the available options above. Each species has its own strengths which you can find out about once you click through. You can order the species by Lifespan or Price depending on what you are looking for.

Popular Feather Edge Cladding

One of our more popular species for feather edge cladding is British Larch. Larch is a very versatile species of wood and is exceptionally durable for external use. This character grade timber does contain knots and is a pale orange colour.

As there are no import costs British timbers tend to be cheaper than most of their foreign counterparts. This means that you get the benefit of long lasting, high quality timber for a fraction of the price.

Cedar Cladding UK

Western Red Cedar is also a great featheredge option due to its naturally high durability and fantastic stability, we compete nationwide with our Cedar prices and we offer delivery all over the UK.

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