Western Red Cedar Cladding

Choose between a selection of Western Red Cedar cladding types below. You will be able to get instant online prices on a wide variety of profiles.

Western Red Cedar External Cladding
Example Pricing for Western Red Cedar Tongue and Groove Cladding
Price From £11.00 ex VAT per meter (Profile: IWC1 T&G 145mm (135 face) x 19mm - 1m)
Product Description

What’s the secret behind Canadian Western Red Cedar Cladding’s popularity?

Instant prices for cladding and secure online checkout. It’s obvious that the building industry is picking up again. Sales of Western Red Cedar Cladding are climbing at a fantastic rate. Why is it so popular?

In short, Canadian Western Red is good value, looks great and can last a lifetime.

Cedar, a softwood, is highly resistant to decay, as well as resistant to splitting and movement once fitted.

Canadian Western Red Cladding Colour

When first installed, this timber cladding is a warm reddish-brown colour. If left untreated, it turns the classic silver colour over a number of years, depending on how much direct sunlight it receives.

Red Cedar's Service Life

With regards to durability, Red Cedar, without any form of treatment, has been known to last up to 60 years!

Quality Cedar Cladding

iWood’s Western Red Cedar cladding is machined to order. The grade, “Clear and Better” is the highest grade of cedar that we can source. There are virtually no knots and if there are any, they will only be small.

Cedar cladding profiles
These profiles are available
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iWood offers 10 different cladding profiles.

From our range, the Tongue and Groove machined profiles are the most popular timber cladding, particularly ICW1, closely followed by Rainshield. The machined profiles give a modern look to a traditional material. The machined profiles are supplied in lengths between 2 and 4 metres.

The fresh sawn Feather Edge profiles allow for your choice of overlap and are therefore the most flexible at the time of fitting. This cladding is supplied in lengths of 2.13m (7') and longer.

Western Red Cedar Cost & Pricing

For the benefits it offers, this timber is very competitively priced. there are cheaper timbers available that iWood supplies, but none of them have the durability of the cedar cladding.

You can get instant online pricing for our cladding by choosing what type of cladding you would like above. The options include:

  • Tongue and Groove
  • Shiplap
  • Rainshield (Rainscreen)
  • Feather Edge

iWood Timber's Product Code for this item is IW-18-24.

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Red Cedar Wood Panelling and Cladding UK

Cedar panelling is a great way to provide a modern look to a building you’re trying to clad, the huge variation in colour makes every installation unique. Thanks to its unique aesthetic qualities and great durability we are continuing to see increased popularity in Cedar.

Although we are traditionally a hardwood specialist, we are quickly becoming red cedar wood panelling and cladding UK specialists as well. Cedar wood cladding is an exceptional cladding which is both striking and durable.

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An example close-up image of Western Red Cedar: Western Red Cedar Cladding close-up
The cedar tree
Tree growth map for red cedar

Western red cedar board ends
Above top: This brief video scans across a Cedar clad outside room. iWood did not supply this project. Above: Red Cedar Rainshield Cladding board ends in our warehouse. Right: The cedar tree and its rough growth locations.

British Western Red Cedar vs Canadian Western Red Cedar

difference between Canadian and Briitsh Cedar Cladding