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Please note that iWood is a wholesale timber merchant, and because much of our timber is imported to order, we have a minimum order amount of £750 ex VAT (£900 inc VAT).
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Buy European Lightly Steamed Beech Cut To Size / Sawn

A rough-sawn timber product cut to your sizes. If you need a smooth, ready-to-use finish, see: Planed timber.

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Prime Quality Light Steamed European Beech - Sawn to Size

Cut to Size European Beech is ideal if you don’t have the facility to cut timber down in-house. Our Beech is lightly steamed which changes the colour of the timber to a deep reddish-brown which is sought after, particularly, in furniture making.

European Beech is ideal for furniture (tables, chairs, cabinets) including contract furniture for schools, hospitals, government builds etc, toys, tool handles, interior joinery and interior construction. All of the sawn to size European Beech we supply is supplied in Prime Quality CND (Colour No Defect).

Cut to size products are great if you want to shape and work on the timber yourself. The timber is provided in nominal thicknesses and then sawn dawn to the widths you need. This will leave all of the sides and edges rough sawn, ready for you to machine and work with on site.

Sometimes beech can be quite tough but on the whole is fairly easy to work with allowing you to leave it with a smooth finish and takes a glue well. The timber also turns well and can be polished nicely.

Interesting European Beech Fact

Beech is used in the bottom of beer barrels which allows the yeast to rest on the bottom of the barrel. Before the slats are laid down, they are soaked in caustic soda to extract the flavours and aromas from the wood.

The European Beech not only helps with the flavour of the beer it helps to stop yeast autolysis which would make the beer taste off.

Another beer related Beech fact is that sometimes the logs are burnt to dry out malt which is then used in smoked German beers.

At iWood Timber Merchants we have built our reputation on supplying quality timber, ensuring you have the greatest percentage of usable European Beech timber possible.

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Timber Species Information
European Lightly Steamed Beech

Species group:
Temperate hardwoods
5 - Not durable (Learn about durability)
Colour description:
Reddish brown
Mean density:
720 Kg/m3
Architect / Design Specify
Prime Quality (CND)
Product Code: IW-4-6-3
Specify: Prime Quality (CND) European Lightly Steamed Beech Cut To Size from iWood Timber
Frequent Questions
Delivery times
Our timber is imported straight from sawmills on the continent. Our usual lead times are therefore 14-17 working days.

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Delivery cost varies by location. Please click here to open our delivery cost page in a new window.

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Our timber deliveries can sometimes be heavy, for this reason you'll either need your own equipment or available person-power to unload your delivery.

The ordering process
After placing your order securely online you receive an email confirming the items you have ordered. When your order has arrived at iWood HQ and is ready for dispatch, we will give you a call to arrange delivery.

Can I Order Samples?
Yes you can, you can order samples of certain timbers at www.iwood.co.uk/sample-request/. If the species you need isn't there please give us a call or talk to us on our online chat.

The timbers shown are planed all round samples and are not profiled.
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