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Western Red Cedar Information Library

Canadian Western Red Cedar | Cedar Cladding | The Different Types of Cedar Timber | Where does imported Western Red Cedar come from? | The Western Red Cedar Tree | The Timber of Western Red Cedar | Working With Western Red Cedar | The Uses of Western Red Cedar Timber |

Siberian Larch Information Library

Where is Siberian Larch From? | The Siberian Larch Tree | Uses of Siberian Larch | Siberian Larch for External Cladding | Siberian Larch for Decking | Siberian Larch Timber | Working with Siberian Larch | Siberian vs British Larch |

Oak Information Library

Where Does Oak Come From? | Oak’s Versatility of Product | Oak Kits | Grades of Oak | Oak Tree | European vs American Oak | Prime and Light Character | Oak’s Defining Qualities |

Frequently Asked Questions Information Library

Our Waney Edge Cladding FAQ | Our Shiplap FAQ | Our Tongue and Groove Cladding FAQ | Our Feather Edge Cladding FAQ | Our Rainscreen Cladding FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions |

Timber Construction Information Library

Marine Timber At Work | Blue Staining on Green Timber | Trusses For Construction | The upside and downside of timber based construction | Beam grading rules - QPA and QP1 | Constructional Timbers |