iWood Timber Glossary

Air Dried – Timber that has been left to dry over 3-5 years after being cut from the log. Air Dried timber is known to split and crack over time although it remains structurally sound (particularly in Oak). Once air-dried a piece of timber can no longer be graded. Air Dried is also known as AD or A.D.

CITES - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (also known as the washington agreement).

CND - Colour no defect

CTS – Cut to Size / Rough Sawn timber which isn’t planed.

FAS – First and Second grade of timber

FE – Feather Edged.

Finished Size – Timber size after machining.

Fresh Sawn Oak – Timber that hasn’t been dried and still has a high moisture content.

Green Oak – Timber that has been cut straight from the log and still has a high moisture content.

IUCN Red List - Internation Union For Conservation of Nature's Red List of Threatened Species

Joinery Grade – Character / B grade timber.

Kiln Dried – Timber that has been cut from the log down to a nominal size and dried in a kiln. Kiln drying is quicker than air drying and the timber doesn’t warp during the drying process. Kiln Dried is also known as KD or K.D.

Mortise and Tenoned – Mortise and tenons are used for joining pieces of wood together and are used in our Truss, Gazebo and Pergola kits to fit your structure together.

Nominal Sizes – Timber size before it has been machined or worked on.

Oxalic Acid – provided in crystal form which you dissolve to form a solution, Oxalic Acid, helps to remove stains on timber and other surfaces. These include tannins and water marks.

PAR – Planed All Round timber to leave a smooth finish on the sides with rough sawn ends.

Profile – Shape a piece of timber is machined to, to produce a product.

SE – Square Edged.

Slats – Fence slats/garden screen slats.

STS – Sawn to Size / Rough Sawn timber which isn’t planed.

T&G – T&G refers to a board which has been machined to a tongue and groove profile, usually, for flooring or cladding.

Tannin – Tannins are excreted from timber (when fresh sawn) and can run down the wood and onto surfaces (staining them). Tannins can be removed with Oxalic Acid.

Wane – Wane is tree bark that is still on the board. The wane usually makes it so that at least one side of the board is not square edged.

WE – Waney Edged.