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iWood Timber Ltd has been trading for the past 13 years. It all began with a small team of talented and passionate individuals set on bringing the timber trade into the modern age of technology.

Our owner Dave Haddrell has worked in the timber industry his whole life, he’s selected, graded, sawn and machined wood, you name it he’s done it.

He invited the best people he knew and carefully chose the best wood suppliers that he’d nurtured relationships with over the years and took a leap of faith. Dave wanted to do things better. To make buying high quality woods, simple, reliable and perfectly to spec. Using our website to spec wood, you’ll see why thousands of timber lovers across the UK now depend on us.

What We Do

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iWood enjoys supplying a wide variety of products nationwide, leaving customers satisfied and impressed with our service and the quality of the timber they have received. With over 200 years combined timber experience in our sales department, iWood has plenty of expertise at your convenience.

As you’ll see from our quality timber promise page, iWood‘s main objective is to ensure complete satisfaction and supply our customers guaranteed quality timber. Our centrally based distribution center in Staffordshire also allows us effective delivery nationwide across the UK and Ireland.

iWood Products

Most timber merchants work on a quotation basis and keep their prices close to them, iWood prides itself on being as transparent and honest as possible and all of our prices are available to calculate online on our website completely free.

Our roots are in Oak and we specialize in anything surrounding Oak, we do however have access to a multitude of hardwoods and softwoods. With over 40 different species available, you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

All of our products are available online and our catalogue is easy to understand regardless of timber experience, from machined products such as External cladding, to joinery complete kit form bespoke oak structures. Whether it’s architrave and skirting for your room renovation or structural joists to build the office of your dreams we have something for everyone.

Being an Oak specialist, we get a lot of attention from timber tradesman looking for cost effective Kiln Dried Oak Packs, Cut to Size Sawn Oak and structural internal and external Oak Beams and with us having the medium of website purchasing, it’s a great option for busy builders and joiners to find what they need when they need it.

Most commonly, our customers purchase structural European Oak beams which are graded at the point of felling. We use the European grading system and supply both QPA and QP1 grades, QPA being equivalent to D30 and QP1 being equivalent to D24 strength grade. Our Air Dried Oak is initially graded to QP1 before being left to air-dry for 1 – 3 years.

In addition to building materials and home improvement timber products, we also supply bespoke Oak Structure kits. Each kit is produced as per customer drawings with all joinery complete and coded for easy assembly onsite.

We’ve also streamlined the designing process for these structures by developing structure designer software which allows all site visitors to design their dream structure using interactive controls on our website.

iWood ‘s Customer

We take great pride in being able to give our customers the best service possible. We have supplied across the UK to established timber framers, small private builders / joiners and to general members of the public. There is always one thing our customers can expect and that is that they receive high quality timber for very competitive prices.

We also do our best to take care of our customers throughout the ordering process even once the timber has been received, iWood never shys away from a problem and we make sure they are dealt with as quickly as possible.


iWood's purchasing policy focuses on sustainable sources that have an understanding of environmental responsibilities and we indeed have chain-of custody which enables us to supply FSC® and PEFC® timber. We are also proud licensee’s of the Grown in Britain Chain of Custody, this movement is to encourage the usage of homegrown timbers due to the numerous environmental benefits.

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