iWood Timber's Quality

iWood prides itself on ‘quality’, but what does it mean?

We enjoy dealing with customers time and time again. We thrive on repeat business and “good, ol’ fashioned word of mouth”.

This is because at iWood we like to do things right first time and this makes our customers’ lives easier. 

From our experts selecting the best timber from the mills right through to delivery throughout the UK, we take great care and pay attention at every step. 

This means fewer problems on-site and a better night’s sleep for you.

The quality of our timber

At iWood we don’t just rush through any old stock that we can get our hands on. Every piece of timber, from 1st Quality to Rustic, is graded by seasoned experts whose whole lives have been spent learning the ins ans outs of wood.

We’ll never try and pass off sub-par timber for a higher quality. You’re guaranteed the very best of what you’re paying for every time. 

Clean and even coloured means timber that’s easy to work with and that looks great when in place.

Don’t forget that we source our timber through FSC® chain-of-custody. We can prove that our timber comes from managed, sustainable forests and we get fully, externally audited every year to ensure we constantly comply. 

The quality of our staff

If a company is a large machine, the staff are the cogs that make it work. Every member of iWood’s staff each has over twenty five years in the timber industry. That’s a lot of experience on the end of the ‘phone.

Our sales experts have made recommendations on almost every timber project imaginable. They know the strengths and weaknesses of each species, issues you may run into during installation, how to treat for specific environments and what to look out for down the line. 

Of course, a lot of our customers don’t need advice, but it’s nice to know that one phone call can answer the vast majority of any questions if they run into anything unknown.

Our office staffs’ experience comes into play when organising the logistics of your timber. We import the best timbers from all over the world and making sure the right products at the right grade get to you at the right time is top priority. 

We never walk away from a problem

Even with all of our experience, procedures and care, sometimes the odd, unforeseen problem will raise its head.

iWood never turns a blind eye. 

If you are not happy about any aspect of our business we will thoroughly investigate and work to sort out problems fast. 

Any company can claim to have great customer service, but it’s how well they handle problems that really show what they’re made of.