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Example pricing for iWood Timber British Larch Beams
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Fresh Sawn Merchantable Grade: 100 x 100mm x 2m - £16.28 inc (£13.57 ex)
(Product #: IW-5-18-29)

Product Description

British Larch Beams

iWood's British Larch Beams are cut fresh to your sizes in UK sawmills. It has light brown colouring with towards orangey hues.

With regard to its price, strength and durability properties, its very similar to British Douglas Fir.

The main benefit of Larch, is that it's the only British timber that can easily be graded to the BS 4978 C24 Strength Class.

British Larch Common Uses

British Larch is used widely in construction for timber framing, trusses and A-frames, as well as outdoor structures and for fence posts. It's heavily used in house building and where certain strengths need to be attained.

It's suitable for most applications where you might use Oak, but with a lower price.

British Larch Appearance

Home Grown Larch is fairly straight-grained with strong and clear annual growth rings. The timber has a warm, pale orangey colour, sometimes going into a pale pinkish red.

It is a fairly knotty timber which adds to its character.

Grades of British Larch

The price above is for our high quality Fresh Sawn Merchantable grade home-grown Larch. This is suitable for the majority of Larch work unless a specific strength class is required.

Customers sometimes come to us needing British Larch specified to a specific Strength Class. Larch is the only British Beam Timber that can be easily graded to C24, an incredible high strength grade, with similar timbers only achieving C18, unless provided in large section sizes.

It's more commonly requested to C16. These strength classes are sometimes requested by architects or structural engineers in order to perform structural calculations on the structures being created with the timber.

If you need Larch graded to C18 or C24, please send us the list of the sizes you need and we will quote them for you.

Sizes of British Larch Beams

We offer Larch beams in thicknesses and widths from 25 to 300mm, and in lengths up to 6m. We can sometimes source sections outside of this range so check availability with us if required.

It is standard practice to supply the beams over-length for you to cross-cut exactly on site.

These beams are rough sawn and so will have a tolerance of +- 4mm or so. There will also be slight band saw marks on the surface, which is to be expected often cherished for the look it gives. You can feel free to plane or sand them smoother when you receive them.

Grown In Britain

iWood is a proud, certified member of Grown in Britain, the UK's initiative to prove the source of timber at every step of the supply chain. Ask if you need your timber to be Grown in Britain certified.

Benefits of British Larch Beams

As with all British timbers, the reduced transport requirements make Larch incredibly environmentally friendly when compared to imported timbers. It has a very low carbon footprint, which is becoming more and more important for a lot of new builds.

While it can make it slightly trickier to work with, British Larch can contain quite a lot of resin, which gives it great rot-resistant properties and means it doesn't require any form of treatment. This is only anecdotal, but many people swear by British Larch for fence posts, even over European Oak, which is technically a more durable timber.

Buying British Larch Beams

You can order Fresh Sawn Merchantable Grade British Larch straight from this website. Enter your sizes above to get your prices, then add them to your basket. You can then choose to save everything as a quote for later or check out securely online. You can even choose to pay over the ‘phone or we can raise you a pro-forma invoice so you can pay by bank transfer.

As soon as your beams are ready, our transport team will be in touch to arrange delivery with you.

What Other Timbers Might I Consider?

Price-wise, British Larch Beams are on par with British Douglas Fir Beams. If you are the decision maker, the slight difference in colour may sway you so have a look through the photos.

As for the other British Timbers, the slightly more expensive British Western Red Cedar Beams are more durable, yet still have a low carbon footprint.

If you're looking for the best durability, you could consider European Oak beams. They're slightly more expensive but are a lot more durable (10 + years over Larch) and are also available planed.

British Larch Beams Gallery

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Timber Species Information
British Larch

Species group:
3 - Moderately durable (Learn about durability)
Colour description:
Reddish brown
Mean density:
885 Kg/m3 (wet) - 550 Kg/m3 (kiln dried)
Architect / Design Specify
Fresh Sawn Merchantable Grade
Product Code: IW-5-18-29
Specify: Fresh Sawn Merchantable Grade British Larch from iWood Timber


How long do our deliveries take?

We get the very best timber selected for your list and cut directly at UK sawmills so deliveries usually take place around 21 to 28 Working Days after you place your order.

Costs of delivery

We base our delivery costs on where you're located. Make sure that you check out our delivery costs page

Delivery day

Our delivery lorries visit different parts of the country on different days, so once your order is ready we will work with you to arrange a delivery day for when one of our lorries is in your area. We will always arrange the delivery day in advance with you.

Delivery times

We deliver weekdays Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am to 5pm. Our delivery vehicles will have multiple jobs on them which can affect the delivery time to you, depending on factors such as traffic and how long it takes to offload the previous jobs. The driver will call you in advance with an estimated time of arrival to make sure you'll be there.

How our orders for wood work

Once your secure order is placed, you should get an email that confirms exactly what you've ordered. Once we receive you're order from our sawmill and wood suppliers and we're ready to ship it out to you, we'll give you a call to confirm a delivery with you.

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