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Product Description

Planed All Round European Oak

Planed all round graphic
Planed Oak Planks
Cellophane-wrapped planed oak

What is Planed Oak?

Planed Oak is oak timber that has been planed smooth on all four long sides giving a finish ready to be used in joinery. It is not typically planed on the ends.

iWood kiln dried, Planed Oak timber is of the highest quality and sourced from responsibly managed forests.

We plane to your exact cutting list. Please enter your finished sizes above in the pricing area. Planing is carried out on all sides except the ends which will require cross-cutting down to size.

Prices are worked out from a pricing matrix with the most competitive oak timber pricing on shorter lengths. You will therefore get the best prices by entering exactly what you need rather than ordering long with the plan of cutting the pieces down yourself. 

Our planed oak is available on-line in two grades:

  • Prime Quality Oak - the very best pick of the cleanest (knot free) oak. If there are any knots they will only be tiny.
  • Character Quality Oak - still a very high quality oak but will feature more knots, but no large dead knots.

Also, don't forget that you’ll instantly receive even better prices on our Oak planks by opening a free iWood website account.

Our planed products are delivered cellophane wrapped to prevent scuffs to the surface of the oak during transit.

If you would rather carry out the planing yourself, we also offer our oak cut to size, which offers you a chance to work with the rough sawn material.

At iWood, we have built our reputation on supplying the highest quality Oak, ensuring you have the greatest amount of usable European Oak timber possible from your iWood delivery.

iWood is working on becoming one of the UK's leading timber merchants by delivering only the pick of the highest quality oak and planed timber.

We also supply machined Oak to profile for the following products:

Example Pricing for Planed All Round European Oak

If you enter the following settings into the calculator above, this is the price for planed all round European Oak planks you will get.

Light Character: 26mm x 50mm x 2m - £17.36 INC VAT (£14.47 EX VAT)

(Product #: IW-3-32-5);

Example Pricing
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Timber Species Information

European Oak

Species Group:
Temperate Hardwoods

2 - Durable (Learn about timber durability)

Colour Description:
Yellow brown

Mean Density:
1236 KG/m3 (Wet) - 720 KG/m3 (Kiln Dried)

Architect / Design Specify

Prime Quality
Product Code: IW-3-32-1

Specify Prime Quality European Oak Planed All Round from iWood Timber

Light Character
Product Code: IW-3-32-5

Specify Light Character European Oak Planed All Round from iWood Timber

Frequently Asked Questions


Our timber is imported straight from sawmills on the continent. Our usual lead times are therefore 10 to 14 working days.

Delivery Costs

Delivery costs vary by location, and you can view a full range of prices for UK mainland on our deliveries page. For other areas such as Northern Ireland, Rebublic of Ireland, Isle of Man, etc please call us on 01889 597 281 for a delivery price.

Delivery day

Our delivery lorries visit different parts of the country on different days, so once your order is ready we will work with you to arrange a delivery day for when one of our lorries is in your area. We will always arrange the delivery day in advance with you.

Delivery times

We deliver weekdays Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am to 5pm. Our delivery vehicles will have multiple jobs on them which can affect the delivery time to you, depending on factors such as traffic and how long it takes to offload the previous jobs. The driver will call you in advance with an estimated time of arrival to make sure you'll be there.

Moisture content

Our Planed All Round Oak is kiln dried to a moisture content of between 10 and 16% depending on thickness (with thicker timber having the higher moisture content).

The ordering process

After placing your order securely online you receive an email confirming the items you have ordered. When your order has arrived at iWood HQ and is ready for dispatch, we will give you a call to arrange delivery.

Can I order samples?

Yes you can, you can order samples of certain timbers online. If the species you need isn't there please give us a call or talk to us on our online chat.

The timbers shown are planed all round samples and are not profiled.

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