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We supply solid Oak Pergolas in kit form ready to be assembled. Our pergolas are high quality and you don't need a carpenter because the woodwork is already done. Use the controls below to create your ideal pergola and get a feel for how it will look with the computerised 3D model. Also see our oak gazebos.

Clearance: Length: Width:

Pergola Controls

3 x 3m
6 x 3m
9 x 3m
12 x 3m
* Custom
Normal Posts
Staddle Stones
Trim Posts
Into Ground
Overhang on Both Sides:
Standard overhang is 0.5m
Min: 0m - Max: 1m

Overhang on one side only
No. of Crossmembers:

Recommended No.
of Crossmembers:

Your Pergola Specification
Number of Bays:
Post Sections Sizes:
Number of Crossmembers:
Crossmember End Profile:
Overhang One Side?
Overhang Size:
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What's included?

Your Oak Pergola kit will include all of the posts, crossmembers, staddle stones (if selected), headplates and braces that are needed to build your pergola, we also supply Oak pegs which are used to secure your pergola. The above 3d model is only a representation of your pergola and we will produce accurate drawings upon reciept of your order.

Our pergolas are made from green Oak beams of the highest quality. Each pergola is custom made to your exact requirements with the care you would expect. The fine joinery work deployed on our pergolas means that you only need a builder to put the structure up, all of the woodwork is done for you so you don't need to start working on it.

Regardless of the style and size you choose, all of our oak pergolas are made bespoke, so we're currently working to a 8 to 10 weeks lead time, from approval of the drawings we make for you.

Why Buy and Oak Pergola?

Ideal for public and private gardens, our pergolas are the perfect covering for a walkway. Designed to offer shade and seclusion, they settle into their surroundings easily, looking phenomenal in rural and urban settings.

Longstanding, durable, these structures will stand for decades, growing in character with each passing year as natural ageing occurs. As time rolls by the structure will start to split and crack along the surface while changing to a silver grey colour.

In comparison to softwood, metal or other alternatives Oak is a much sturdier material. The timber used is an excellent structural grade which is also ideal for trusses, posts, rafters and braces.

Using our 3D Pergola Builder

By using the controls to the right of the 3D model (or below if you are on a mobile device) you can build your own pergola in the designer. By changing the values int he controls the 3D drawing will automatically update to your design.

The Bays control allows you to choose one of our 4 set dimensions (3x3m, 6x3m, 9x3m or 12x3m) or set your own Custom Dimensions. If you decide to enter your own size you can choose a width and length as well as the number of bays you want. The number of bays you can have depends on the lengths of you pergola, each must be minimum of 1m and a maximum of 4m long.

The footings determine how your pergola stands.

If you ask for Normal Posts then we recommend that you sit the pergola on "Metal Shoes" (which we don't supply but can point you in the right direction if you need them).

Another option would be to sit the posts on Staddle stones, these screw into the base of the posts to keep the timber of the gound, we can either supply staddle stones with trimmed posts to keep the height of the Pergola the same as if you had normal posts or we can leave the posts the same lengths which would increase the overall height of your structure.

The final option is sitting the posts into the ground. The posts need to go 600mm into the ground so they will be supplied over length so that you don't lose any height. To keep the posts stable you can then concrete them in.

The thickness you select determines the section size of your posts.

The profile you select deterines the ends of your crossmembers and headplates. You can have them square edged, chamfered, rounded or ornate.

The overhang can be between 0m and 1m in total (if you select 1m the overhang will 0.5m either side) and is applied to the headplates and crossmembers. If you only want overhang on one side (For example if the pergola is going againat a wall) you can choose that as an option as well.

You can choose the number of crossmembers you want on your Pergola and we will space them out evenly along the structure. We will tell you the recopmmended amount of crossmembers (unless that is the amount you have typed in) the number of crossmembers we recommend depends on the overall length (including headplate overhang) of the structure.

Pergola Gallery
Trellis and paneling

If you would like to make up some paneling for the side to partly shelter you from the elements, you could look at our Oak slats. These high quality pieces of timber look fantastic and can be easily fit between the posts using a 50mm x 50mm frame.

For the frame you would need a post along the top and the bottom, as well as vertical pieces that sit every 1m for the slats to fit to. ideally these need to planed Oak pieces around 50mm x 50mm (44x44 would work to save coming out of 65mm). These pieces and the slats would need treating to avoid moisture movement as much as possible.

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