Oak Engineered Flooring

We offer wide range of Engineered Oak Flooring with both finished and unfinished options. All our flooring is 15mm thick with a 4mm wear layer which is backed by 11mm Plywood.

Engineered Flooring - Rustic Natural Oiled

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Please note that iWood is a wholesale timber merchant, and to maintain such competitive prices, we have a minimum order amount of £750.00 ex VAT for delivery (£350.00 ex VAT for collection).

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Product Description

Engineered European Oak Flooring

iWood offers an attractive range of pre-oiled, lacquered and coloured engineered oak flooring boards, as well as untreated boards for you to apply your own finish.

Our pre-finished engineered wood flooring boards are available with a range of protections and oils already applied, so the boards are ready to install. Our unfinished engineered European oak flooring boards are supplied without any treatment for you to apply your own oil, lacquer or stain.

Use the calculator above to select unfinished or pre-finished, grade and a board width, then type in how many square metres you need to cover. Be sure to buy around 10% more than you actually need to account for wastage from cutting and shaping as the flooring is being laid.

The durability of the engineered backing makes this flooring suitable for underfloor heating, and its moisture resistance ensures no movement through the seasons.

The high durability also makes this flooring perfect for commercial applications with high traffic as well as domestic purposes.

What Grades Are Available?

The grade of timber describes different classifications of appearance or sometimes physical properties.

In our engineered European oak flooring range we offer two grades, a prime grade and a rustic grade, with the difference being in appearance. Only the unfinished flooring is avilable as Prime, with our pre-treated range available in Rustic.

Prime grade oak flooring is virtually free from knots (if there are any, they will only be tiny), giving a clean, modern look causing little visual distraction, while rustic features more knots for a more traditional feel. Prime boards are also uniform in colour, while rustic can have slight variations which are negligible once they are treated anyway.

Prime Grade Engineered Oak Flooring

Prime Grade

Rustic Grade Engineered Oak Flooring

Rustic Grade

Both prime and rustic grades have any knots pre-filled (so they won't catch on bare feet) and the whole board is sanded for a smooth finish. The untreated flooring is ready to take an oil, lacquer or stain of your choice. The pre-treated boards have various finishes and colours to choose from (see above).

What Sizes of Engineered Wood Flooring are Available?

Our unfinished engineered oak flooring boards are provided in lengths of 1.8, 2.1 and 2.4 metres. With unfinished, you will receive a random selection of lengths to make up your square meterage.

Both unfinished and finished boards have a tongue and a groove down all four sides for ease of laying and strength and solidarity once installed. On unfinished, the two long edges feature a micro-bevel, giving a tiny v-groove where the boards meet, whereas the pre-finished boards are bevelled on all four sides.

The boards are all 15mm thick, featuring 11mm of high-specification manufactured birch plywood, with a 4mm solid oak top.

Floorboard Size Effects

Narrow boards, when highly polished, are known to provide a formal, classy look, while wide boards give a more relaxed feel to a room. The width of the boards can also affect the perceived size of your room. Small rooms can be made to appear larger through the use of narrow boards, while narrow rooms can be made to appear wider by laying wide boards lengthways across the narrow width of the room.


While both the unfinished and pre-finished flooring is tongued and grooved for simple installation, we recommend your flooring be fitted by an experienced professional who can take your exact scenario into consideration.

We recommend that you install door mats in front of entrances to avoid grit and small stones being brought into your house that could scratch your floor.

We also recommend applying protective pads to the feet of all chairs and tables to avoid scratching your floor.


The lead time on our oak flooring is approximately 14 to 17 Working Days days.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions regarding our engineered wood flooring feel free to call the iWood team on 01889 597281 or get in touch through our contact form.

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