Shiplap Cladding

Shiplap cladding boards overlap to give a uniform, striped appearance and is very popular on sheds, summer houses and outbuildings.

Photo: British Larch Shiplap

British Larch Shiplap timber cladding

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We supply shiplap cladding in multiple species and profiles which you can choose from. Shiplap is the highest quality cladding we supply because it has all the advantages of T&G as well as an additional groove which runs along the face of the board to allow water to run off easier.

We have two standard profiles of shiplap timber that we offer - IWC6 and IWC7 (you can select these profiles once you have chosen a species). They are both only suitable for Horizontal fixing and have a gentle curve to allow for the channel that water runs down.

IWC6 boards are designed to overlap each other slightly rather than fitting together and they have a 135mm face.

IWC7 boards fit together through a T&G mechanism with a slight chamfer at the bottom of the board. This profile has a 128mm face.

Each species that we supply for shiplap cladding has its own strengths for you to choose from and you can start by ordering them by price or lifespan above. Once you have worked out a price for your chosen species you can see alternative prices for the other available timbers.

Popular Shiplap Cladding

Our most popular shiplap cladding species is European Oak because of its immense durability. Oak looks great whether you let it go silvery grey or treat it to keep the golden colour. We supply European Oak in either a prime grade or a light character grade, so you get to choose whether your shiplap timber contains a few or a small number of knots.

Prime Grade is the more modern looking grade of timber which contains minimal knots whereas light character is more traditional and contains a few. So, which one you go for is completely up to you and how you want your cladding to look.

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