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Covid-19 - 22/09/2020 - Everyone at iWood would like to thank you for your continued support during the pandemic.

As more of our customers have started coming back to work we have seen an influx of orders. As such we are currently working to a lead time of 14-28 working days (some products have longer lead times as described in their individual descriptions). We are still following government guidelines to keep our staff and customers safe.

Solid Oak Gazebos

Can you think of anything more relaxing than sitting under your very own solid oak gazebo on a summer's day?

iWood is pleased to now offer bespoke-made oak gazebos and oak pergolas suitable for home and commercial use. They are delivered as a kit with all the woodwork already complete, ready to be put together by a builder. Use our 3D builder tool below to design and buy your dream gazebo. Also see our oak pergolas.

Gazebo Specification and Price Breakdown
Approx roof area: m2
Height: 3.95m
Price Each: ex.
Line Total: ex.
Delivery: Added at Checkout
Total: inc.

Design Your Perfect Oak Gazebo

Shape | Type | Size
3 x 3m
3.5 x 3.5m
4 x 4m

3 x 5m
3 x 6m
4 x 6m


Boarding is optional if you don't want to see the battens and shingles or tiles when you look up.

No battens

You will need battens to fix your shingles or tiles to but they're optional on our designer.

No shingles
Treated cedar

We only sell cedar shingles for roofing but many people supply and fit their own tiles.

95% of the cedar shingles we sell are untreated. They have a 20+ year lifespan. Treated adds around another 5 years but are a lot darker in colour. They will both eventually go silver-grey like all outside timber.

Normal Posts
Staddle Stones
Staddle Stones
Into Ground

We can optionally supply staddle stones for your posts to sit on or you can choose to have longer posts to fit into the ground. Read below for further information.


We can optionally supply oak feather edge cladding (and supporting studding) at full or half height, or ballustrades on the sides of your gazebo.

General Oak Gazebo Information

Every single one of our oak gazebos are made from the highest quality fresh sawn oak and delivered as a kit to be put up by your builder.

Regardless of the style and size you choose, all of our oak gazebos are made bespoke, so we're currently working to a 10 to 12 week lead time, from approval of the drawings we make for you.

The main frames of our gazebos are held together with pegs in traditional mortice and tenon joints. The rafters are held with stainless steel screws. We will provide information on where these can be purchased.

All the woodwork is already complete, so you only need a general builder to put them up, rather than a carpenter.

Our gazebos are purposely kept under 4 metres tall, so you shouldn't need planning permission, but it's always best to check with your local planning department.


OSMO 420
UV Protection Oil

Our gazebos come without any treatment on the timber and can be left like this. It is a feature of oak, and cedar shingles, to turn the traditional silver grey, and oak will develop surface checks and splits as it matures.

The silvering of the oak can be delayed by applying an OSMO 420 UV protection oil every 12 or 18 months. There are also a range of other products available to bring out the grain of your oak and offer it further protection. Take a look at our Wood Finishes page.

Ordering Process

When you place an order with us, we will create detailed drawings for you to approve, before we put your gazebo into manufacture. Our lead time begins from your approval.

Oak Gazebo Options

Size and Shape

The first choice is the shape and size of oak gazebo you'd like. We offer square, rectangular, round and hexagonal.

You can choose one of the set sizes or choose the "custom" option and enter your own, exact sizes. The sizes are measured from the outside of post to the outside of the opposite post.

You can also choose the thickness of the oak you'd like. Larger gazebos look better with thicker oak.

Optional Boarding

Most people like to look up and see the battens and underneath of the shingles. If you'd prefer to look up and see a uniform timber, you can choose from a range of tongue and groove boarding to sit between the rafters of the gazebo and your battens and shingles.


Battens are fixed across the rafters of the gazebo, or onto the boarding if you choose it. If you're fitting our cedar shingles, the battens should be spaced at 125mm, centre to centre. We offer treated softwood or planed oak battens.


90% of customers fit cedar shingles to their gazebos and 90% of those are the "untreated" option. The treated shingles are a lot darker in colour and are sometimes specified by architects.

Some customers choose to use their own tiles to make the gazebo fit in with existing buildings, or as a condition of planning approval if going in to protected area.


You should talk to a builder about the foundations for your gazebo. They will likely suggest concreted pads underneath each post.

It is most common to place your oak gazebo on staddle stones. They are around 23cm / 9 inches high and have a small metal rod on top which you fit into the bottom of the gazebo posts. Choose "Staddles stones" on the 3D designer for this option.

People also choose to embed metal rods into their foundations and sit the posts straight onto these. Some people also buy their own metal fencepost "shoes" to fix the posts to their foundations. Choose "normal posts" on the designer if you're going to do this.

Finally, you can choose to dig the gazebo posts into the ground. If you choose this option, we lengthen the posts by an extra 600mm.


You can choose to have one or more sides of your wooden gazebo clad with feather edge oak at full or half height, or to have ballustrades. Each option comes with extra supporting rails or studwork.

Build your dream gazebo on the designer above.

Battens Linear Metres (inc wasteage): Boarding Linear Metres (inc wasteage): Shingle Packs (inc wasteage): Ridge Packs (inc wasteage):
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