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Solid oak railway sleepers cut to your bespoke sizes. Order bespoke Fresh Sawn Oak Sleepers suitable for landscaping cut to your requirements. Enter your sizes below and buy online.

European Oak Planed All Round

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Product Description

Our European Oak sleepers are fresh sawn and cut to the sizes you need. They have many uses including:

  • Building a retaining wall
  • Bordering flower beds and water features

Oak Sleeper Grading

Please be aware that sleepers are more of a utility product rather than decorative. Compared to our constructional grade oak beams, it is normal for sleeper-grade oak to contain sapwood, bark and waney edges, knots, ring-shakes, pith, cracks, splits and checking.

Please be aware of how sleepers are graded, and what is normal and acceptable within the sleeper quality grading. If you need more perfection in your oak, please look at our constructional grade oak beams.

Sleepers are suitable for projects such as raised beds and retaining walls. Sleeper grade oak should not be used structurally in buildings (even for garden structures) or for joinery. For structural grade oak, see our Fresh Sawn Structural Oak page.

These oak sleepers are yellowish brown in colour when they are supplied and they contain wane, sap and knots which gives the timber plenty of character. As your sleepers age and keep in direct contact with sunlight they will start to weather and turn silvery grey. The natural silver-grey colour that the timber goes to is usually the look people go for when buying sleepers and it takes time achieve.

European Oak is one of the most durable timbers available so you will get the most out of the timber however you decide to use it.

Oak Sleeper Grade Compared to other Beam Grades

It's important to know the grade of oak you're purchasing when buying sleepers.

Unlike the constructional grade timber, there are no industry-standard grading rules for Oak Sleepers. Each sawmill has its own specification as to what's acceptable. Here is what iWood's mills allow in sleeper grade compared to oak beam grades:

QPAHighest quality, most knot free, grade of oak beam we offer, suitable for construction
QP1Second highest quality, more knots than QPA, also suitable for construction
QP2A lower grade of oak beam allowing multiple defects
SleeperA lower grade than QP2 where the following is allowed:
  • Wane and bark on more than one edge
  • Sapwood on more than one edge and on faces
  • Dead knots
  • Rot
  • Frost / ice cracks
  • Shakes

Oak Sleeper Sizes

We supply Oak sleepers in section sizes of between 100mm x 150mm and 300mm x 300mm with lengths between 1.2m and 3m.

Please note, as is industry-standard, our oak sleepers are not exactly cross-cut to length and are provided over-length to be cut down on site.

Example Pricing for European Oak Sleepers

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Fresh Sawn Sleeper: 100mm x 200mm x 2.4m - £51.46 INC VAT (£42.88 EX VAT)

(Product #: IW-38-32-18);

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Fresh Sawn Sleeper
Product Code: IW-38-32-18

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