Opepe Wood Suppliers

Opepe timber (also known as Bilinga and Aloma) is a colourful timber raging from golden to orangey yellow.

Although not as strong as some of its tropical counterparts, like Ekki and Greenheart, Opepe is still used frequently in marine and constructional environments.

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Opepe Timber

Being one of the few marine timbers which is relatively easy to work Opepe is very popular for lock gates and jetties. The one draw back of Opepe timber is that it is not suitable for being bent so it has limited use as a boat building material although it can still be used on straight pieces and for decking.

The timber is available in section sizes up 500mm x 500mm and in lengths up to 9m subject to availability. We can usually supply Opepe within 35-45 working days however this will be confirmed upon quotation, please use the above enquiry form to send through your cutting list and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

More about the tree itself

The tree stands at around 35m-48m tall when fully grown and can be up to 2m in diameter. Generally, the trunk of the tree has few buttresses, but old trees can have basal swelling that swell over 1m above the ground.

Opepe is distributed across Africa in Equatorial Guinea, Liberia, ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria.