Timber Knowledge: Frequently Asked Questions

Our Waney Edge Cladding FAQ;
Waney Edge cladding is the most traditional form of cladding and is the least uniform. The boards are overlapped like
Our Shiplap FAQ;
We are always getting asked about our cladding products so that people can determine which ones are the best to
Our Tongue and Groove Cladding FAQ;
Tongue and Groove Cladding is one of our most popular products so we tend to get asked about it quite
Our Feather Edge Cladding FAQ;
Feather edge cladding is one of the more traditional forms of cladding and is one of the go to products
Our Rainscreen Cladding FAQ;
Rainscreen is one of our more modern cladding products and has a minimalistic style of profile. When fitted the cladding
Frequently Asked Questions;
General Queries What species of timber should I use? This one is based on a variety of factors such as use purpose,