British Western Red Cedar Cladding

Choose between a selection of British Western Red Cedar cladding types below. You will be able to get instant online prices on a wide variety of profiles.

British Western Red Cedar External Cladding
Example Pricing for British Western Red Cedar Feather Edge Cladding
Price From £1.92 ex VAT per meter (Profile: IWC22 Feather-edged 150mm (125 face) - 1m)
Product Description

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British Western Red Cedar is a very attractive cladding board. We provide it here in a fresh sawn grade in various different profiles.These British Red Cedar Cladding boards are sourced from various locations throughout the UK.

Also see our cedar cladding page for imported cedar.

Western Red Cedar vs British Western Red Cedar

Native-grown British Cedar generally contains more knots than the Canadian / American timber and is lighter in colour. Some architects prefer this as it adds more character to the finished look.

Partly because of the lower transport costs, British Cedar costs significantly less than the foreign grown timber.

British Cedar Cladding’s Properties

British cedar is rated as moderately durable, which is one notch down from imported cedar's 'durable' rating. All other properties are comparable.

Cedar Cladding’s Colour

Depending on how much direct sunlight the cladding receives it can take a number of years for the reddish-brown fresh colour to fade into the recognisable silver shade.

The cladding boards are not treated so you can leave them as-is to weather to a traditional look or apply your own choice of protection.

British Cedar Cladding profiles
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Red Cedar Cladding Profiles

iWood offers 11 different profiles of cedar cladding as standard. There is a variety of machined tongue and groove profiles, a “Rainshield” profile, two Feather Edged profiles and a “one waney edge, one square edge” profile. Although this grade of timber is fresh sawn, it can be machined to these profiles as it is a stable timber.

These boards are provided in random lengths of 3m and longer.

British Cedar Pricing

iWood’s Product Code for British Western Red Cedar Cladding is IW-18-44-29

From: £1.74 per metre (Feather edged, logged in for discount)

Available from: iWood Timber Condition: New, supplied to your requirements. Availability: Available for order.

If you have any questions please call 01889 279 018.

An example close-up image of British Red Cedar: British Red Cedar sample
British western red cedar board ends
Left: This brief video scans across a Western Red Cedar clad outside room. NB: iWood did not supply this project. Above: Red Cedar Cladding board ends in our warehouse.

British Western Red Cedar vs Canadian Western Red Cedar