Articles: Using Timber While Working Indoors

With the cold drawing in as winter takes hold, the focus for many turns to inside the home rather than working in gardens and on the exterior walls. Timber can be used anywhere inside the home, whether it’s to bring warmth to a living room or provide a solid underfoot experience in the bathroom.

Timber is weaved into everything from ornaments to furniture, floors to walls and kitchens to bedrooms. Each species has its own appearance, aroma and working qualities so you get to choose what’s best for you and you don’t need to keep it to one!

So, what home improvement and comfort can iWood Timber bring?

Let’s begin with Hardwood Flooring…

When treated and maintained correctly, hardwood flooring can really add a sense of grandeur to your home, being both welcoming and sturdy at the same time. Each species of timber available has its own unique qualities and colours, which can be brought to life using the right treatment.

An alternative to solid hardwood would be our engineered Oak flooring which has an plywood backing but is still highly durable and is available in a range of finished and unfinished products depending on your preference.

Other great uses for timber in the home

We supply timber for the usual fixtures and fittings like skirting and architrave, ready machined to a matching profile ready to treat and fit to the wall. As standard we supply Chamfered, Pencil Rounded, Torus, Ogee and Lambs Tongue profiles, 19mm thick to suit your width. We can provide custom profiles on request.

We also supply the raw material for furniture like chairs, tables, cabinets and work tops in the form of our planed all round and cut to size timber. These boards are supplied to the dimensions you specified ready for you to start working with them.