External Cladding : Our new Cladding section is now Live

Over the last few months we have been working on updating the cladding section of our website so that it is easier to find what you are looking for. We think we have improved the process quite a way by allowing you to choose the type of cladding you want first and then being led through the available species and profiles.

So how does the new cladding section work?

When you click on the external cladding option in our main menu instead of seeing a list of available species, you will now see the different types of cladding we have available:

When you select the type of cladding you are looking for you will be asked to select the species you are looking for.

We have change the flow of this section to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. On the old version of the cladding it was notoriously difficult to find European Oak Waney Edge Cladding.

Whereas now all you need to do is select Waney Edge Cladding from the menu and select the European Oak from the species list.

Once you have selected your species you will then be taken to the "Pricing Page"

On the pricing page there are three steps:

  1. Choose your profile:

Most of the cladding we supply is available in a selection of profiles. All you need to do is select the one which you prefer. You can find more information on each profile by clicking on the "More Information" text next top the name of each profile:

  1. Choose your Grade

For certain species you can also choose your grade. Each grade has a sample picture, so you can see what sort of colour to expect and a brief description of the grade:

  1. Type in the amount you need

When typing in the amount of cladding you need you now get a choice of typing in the number of square meters or Linear Meters (it will automatically work out the other one for you)

If you need help deciding you can click on the "How to Measure Your Cladding Link" and you will get a guide on how to measure by taking into account any doors and windows you need to clad around.

What Happens if I know the species I need but not the type of cladding?

You can still shop by species by selecting the species you would like from the "Species" dropdown menu at the top of the screen:

Then select "External Cladding" from the product list:

You will then be taken to a species overview. On this page you will be able to see all of the different types of cladding available in that species with an example profile for you to compare.

Once you select a type of cladding you will then be taken to the "Pricing Page".

If you need any help when order your cladding or any other product from iWood please feel free to call us on 01889 597 281 or email us on enquiries@iwood.co.uk