Articles: Rainbow Tiga Wood Cladding Now Available

We have now put the Rainbow Tiga Wood live on our website so you can work out prices and order online today. Rainbow Tiga Wood cladding is our newest product and is supplied pre-stained and treated. On the website we are offering five different colours to choose from:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue

The cladding is also available in a variety of profiles so you get the choice of T&G, shiplap, rainscreen or feather edge cladding.

The cladding is slightly charred to get the original Tiga wood effect and is then stained with the colour of your choosing.

The timber is predominantly used for internal use but can be used externally. When using externally you would need to apply UV protection to your timber every 12 months or so, to keep the vivid colour.

Other News

We have also made major changes to the decking section of our website to bring it inline with how the cladding works. It will now be easier to choose the species and profile of decking you want and to work out prices.

After the success we have had of changing the format of the cladding we are hoping for similar success from our decking as well.

Anything else?

Yeah, you can now also purchase cladding accessories for the original Tiga Wood and Charred Black British Larch. These accessories include battens, fascia’s and corner pieces so you can get everything you need online.