Timber Knowledge: Western Red Cedar

A collection of information about Western Red Cedar, including where it grows, its uses and characteristics.
Canadian Western Red Cedar;
You always know when we have had some Western Red Cedar delivered to the warehouse because it is the first
Cedar Cladding;
One of the most popular timbers for cladding is Cedar because it’s competitively priced, looks great and is easy to
The Different Types of Cedar Timber;
There are two types of Cedar Timber we supply: Canadian Western Red British Western Red Both of these timbers are the same species
Where does imported Western Red Cedar come from?;
An approximation of the growth area of Western Red Cedar The Western Red Cedar that iWood imports is grown over a
The Western Red Cedar Tree;
The Western Red Cedar (Image Attribution) Fully grown in the wild, rather than cultivated purposely for use as timber, the western
The Timber of Western Red Cedar;
The timber of the Western Red Cedar tree is most notably durable and resistant to rot and decay. It’s easy
Working With Western Red Cedar;
Western red cedar timber contains no resin and is straight-grained, which is one of the reasons why the timber is
The Uses of Western Red Cedar Timber;
Western Red Cedar Oriel and Cowl, Senedd (Image Attribution) Western Red Cedar is used in many outdoor applications because of its