Articles: Grown in Britain Week

What is Grown in Britain?

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As a nation this week we celebrate all of the timbers grown on British soil. It’s goal is to bring all of those that care about our forests and woodlands together and create a community driven movement toward British forestry and timber harvesting.

Who can get involved in Grown in Britain?

Ofcourse this isn’t a private community and anyone who shares the goal of preservation and consideration for British resources can show their support. From woodland owners and environmentalists to builders and retailers, we could all give a little more back.

What are Grown in Britain's aims?

Grown in Britain has a few key objectives. To connect and unite the British public to a common goal of fostering a positive attitude towards British wood culture, specifically, support and maintenance of our woodlands.

Development of the private timber sector in the UK which is generated by funding from businesses as part of their corporate social responsibility.

Encouraging British timber usage as a product in general, whether that be as an end product to a consumer or in the building and construction industry.

We are already starting to see a change in mindset of the general population and their attitude toward renewable resources like timber due to the global rising issue of environmental preservation. As you may have read on the news or from a number of sources, we are dangerously close to the point of no return with our planet and if action isn’t taken there may be no going back.

But Grown in Britain isn’t a movement to raise awareness about the impending issues of the environment it’s here to generate appreciation and optimism for everything wood related in the UK.

There has been so much groundwork put down already by a number of businesses and ambitious individuals to build up the Grown in Britain movement and just about anyone can get involved.

How can you get involved in Grown in Britain?

If you’re proud of your heritage and you want to support the Grown in Britain movement yourself there are several ways you can, including:

  • Purchasing British Timber products such as English Oak, British Cedar, British Larch and Douglas Fir.
  • Signing up to Grown in Britain which already has a number of big names involved such as B&Q, the Forestry Commission and Wood for Good.
  • Or alternatively you can visit the Grown in Britain website to learn more and see what you can do to help.

iWoods part

We at iWood celebrate the British logging and forestry industry and we are a proud member of the Grown in Britain family. We also hold a Grown in Britain Chain of Custody License which boasts a license to supply a variety of British Timber products which you can find here.

We are also FSC® and PEFC certified to ensure our timbers are sustainably sourced from well managed and controlled forests.

As you can imagine when you don’t have to import the timber, prices are quite often cheaper so if you’re interested in the likes of softwood cladding or softwood beams you will struggle to beat homegrown timber prices such as British Larch when comparing it to its European cousin.

British softwood beams like your British Larch and Douglas Fir are especially popular at iWood as they offer robust yet cost effective timbers with an appealing aesthetic. Ideal for use as softwood joists or roof supports such as trusses.

If you’d like to learn more about each British timber we sell in depth, take a look at another article we’ve produced here.