Articles: Planed Oak Planks

As part of the extensive range of products we supply, planed Oak planks, are something that we really specialize in. Not only are we competitively priced for the trade we can also offer a completely bespoke cutting service so you get the sizes you want.

We hold a wide stock range which is ready to be cut and then planed to your specification. Allowing us to supply both prime grade and light character grade Planed Oak Planks, depending on the kind of look you would like. Light Character contains more knots than prime grade, however, all the knots will be sound.

Kiln Dried Oak, is ideal for all kinds of joinery due to it’s natural durability, strength and beauty. Some of these common uses include:

  1. Furniture
    Oak is a great material for furniture, helping you to create something pieces that are robust and look great.
  2. Cabinetry
    Another popular use for our European Oak is cabinet making. It is a timber that is at home in the kitchen as the bedroom, so is great for all your fixtures and fittings.
  3. Flooring
    European Oak makes for exceptional flooring. Especially in places with high footfall. As long as you look after the floor after installation, you will have a fantastic looking space for an exceptionally long time. We can supply End Matched Oak flooring with trade prices available online.
  4. Interior Trim
    Trimmings are an important part of any home, helping to finish off any décor where walls meet doors and the floor. Even panelling is becoming more and more popular We can supply a variety of trims including skirting, architrave and panelling pre machined for you to profile.

Planed Oak Planks

Why Should I Buy Planed Oak Planks?

Planed all Round timber is a lot more accurate in the section than regular cut to size, so it lessens your preparation time because you get the sizes you need to start making your product.

The caveat to this, is that our planing is produced through a moulder, planing all four sides at the same time. If you need to be bang on mm accurate, you would be best buying sawn to size and planing yourself (allow for 6mm in the thickness and width to give yourself enough timber to work with).

Manually planing allows your to plane each face traditionally, one side at a time, and swapping each side on every pass through until you get the desired measurement. This will be more accurate than any machine.