Articles: A Renewable Material

Wood is not only a popular building material because of its structural and aesthetic properties. It’s also one of the worlds leading renewable sources of building materials.

iWood are proud members of both PEFC and FSC® and we fully support sourcing wood from sustainable forests. The forests certified by these two organisations are strictly managed to ensure ecological, ethical and social standards are met when providing trees for timber. This means that trees are replanted and forests are maintained.


The PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is the largest forest certification system in the world. They certify 313 million ha of forest and work with over 750,000 forest owners.

PEFC use the latest scientific knowledge to constantly improve the way that forests are maintained. They even tailor their approach to the type of forest and where in the world the forest is to provide the best sustainable management strategy.


The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) is another globally recognised forest certification system which also takes into consideration the people and wildlife who depend on the forest that timber is harvested from.

There is also an FSC® recycling programme which encourages people to recycle paper and timber to protect forests and stop items that can be used again going to the landfill.

PEFC and FSC® Products

If you have any specific requirements for FSC® or PEFC timber then please tell us and we’ll source your order accordingly.

Some of our more popular certified products are Planed and Sawn to Size Timber.