Rainshield Cladding

Rainshield gives an extremely modern look with bold straight lines and and is therefore quite frequently specified by architects on new builds.

The edges of the Rainshield profile are slanted so water run-off is caught and directed over the front of the board below. A gap is left between each board to allow air circulation around each piece.

Photo: British Cedar Rainshield

British Western Red Cedar Rainshield timber cladding

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Rainshield cladding (also known as rainscreen) is available in one standard profile and in several species. Rainshield cladding is machined to be a slanted rectangular shape with a slight chamfer on either end. The boards are designed to sit adjacent to one another.

Our IWC8 profile is 19mm thick with a 138mm face and can only be fitted horizontally. Rainscreen cladding is designed to have a regimented look and it is often the case that the boards are cut down to the same size (we supply cladding in random length) so that they form a grid.

To help choose which species you would like you can order them by life span or price above and then click through to work out a price. Once you have a price you can compare that with the other available species.

Popular Rainscreen Cladding

One of the more popular Rainshield cladding we supply is European Oak. Prime Oak is a clean timber with minimal knots and the consistent colour aligns with the regimental style that most people associate Rainscreen cladding with.

Rainshield is also a popular Red Cedar Cladding when a more modern and contemporary aesthetic would suit.

You can find out more information on how to fit your Rainshield cladding and our recommendations for treating it when you have chosen a species.

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