Articles: Choose iWood’s Cedar Cladding

One of our most popular products is Canadian Cedar Cladding, naturally durable, it is one of the few timbers that needs minimal maintenance before being fitted to a wall. Its stability means that it doesn’t need to be sealed, although we do recommend treating with a UV protector on all four sides and both ends to preserve its wonderful colour.

Red Cedar Cladding is available machined to T&G, shiplap and Rainshield profiles as well as sawn to feather edge. Giving you maximum choice for the look you want on your building, one of the more popular options is our IWC5, which is a shadow gap that is fit vertically on the wall.

What Makes iWood’s Cedar Cladding Different?

We supply the highest quality materials, when shopping around it is important to compare grades of any wood including Cedar. A lot of companies offer Clear and Better Cedar as true grade “Clear and Better No.2 – 85% / No.4 Clear 15%” which is the second grade of Cedar on the market and will contain more knots that the higher – No.2 Clear and Better Grade we offer.

The high grade is a mostly clean board with a small amount knots, giving the most contemporary look, which is what a lot of people who use Canadian Cedar are after. If you are thinking of going for a more traditional look then British Cedar may be a more appealing option.

The beauty of Canadian Cedar Cladding is in a straight grain and high colour variation. Even in the same board you can see up to two or three colours running through which gives any application a claim to being unique. From creams through oranges, reds and purples – Cedar, truly is remarkable.

Does iWood offer the lower grade Canadian Cedar?

Currently we don’t offer the lower grade of Canadian Cedar, however, as demand increases it may be something we look into.

If you would like a Cedar with a knotty appearance, take a look at our British Western Red Cedar.