Western Red Cedar : The Timber of Western Red Cedar

The timber of the Western Red Cedar tree is most notably durable and resistant to rot and decay. It’s easy to work with and the grade that iWood imports, “Clear and Better”, has few or no knots.

Western Red Cedar timber is known for having very little moisture movement, which results in little physical movement due to expansion or contraction when it’s installed as products such as Western Red Cedar Cladding.

The colour of the timber when freshly cut or machined is a warm reddish-brown colour. If left outside in sunlight, the timber ages to a silver-grey colour unless treated. A lot of the time though it’s specified with this silvery colour transformation in mind.

Western Red Cedar timber has a distinctive sweet smell and we can always tell when some has come in on a delivery from the pleasing smell in the warehouse.

The timber is fairly lightweight at 360kg per cubic metre, compared to oak at around 720kg per cubic metre.

Western Red Cedar Timber
Western Red Cedar Timber