Western Red Cedar : Canadian Western Red Cedar

You always know when we have had some Western Red Cedar delivered to the warehouse because it is the first thing that you can smell. It has a pleasant aroma which also happens to be very strong. The timber itself is also very attractive with its deep dark red colour, straight grain and few knots.

As a durable softwood, Western Red Cedar, is as much at home outside as it is inside and is widely used for contemporary cladding and fence slats. It’s attractiveness when treated to keep its colour or left to go silvery is almost unparalleled and because it is naturally resistant to pests and rot it’s up to you how your cedar finishes.

Cedar is also popular in the home as beams and posts and is suitable for areas with high moisture content such as bathrooms and kitchens. The timber is easy to work with so you can create what you would like with it.

The Western Red Cedar Fire Station

Western Red Cedar has recently been used in the renovation of the Mercer Island Fire station. The redness colour of the timber stands in stark contrast to the black metal that was also used and the whole building looks stunning. Another major feature of the building is the amount of glass used which opens up the complex.

The station has been built to be as energy efficient as possible. It encompasses an outdoor air system which helps with heat recovery and ventilation. The use of double glazing also aids efficiency.

Culture and Mythology

Western Red Cedar is important within native American culture and its strength is celebrated amongst the people of its Native land. There are tales that you can receive strength from the tree by standing with your back to it.