Articles: Is Solid Oak Flooring suitable throughout my home?

Oak is such a good resource that you can use it through out your home for many different applications and Solid Oak Flooring is one of the best. Oak flooring is durable enough to be used in any room in your home from the bathroom to the hallway.

When used in areas that are likely to be damp like the kitchen and bathroom we recommend that you use our IWF2 profile. This profile is machined with relief grooves on one side. These grooves are designed to reduce the risk of the timber warping by the timber expanding and shrinking with the change in temperature and moisture content.

We also recommend that you treat your flooring to protect it from absorbing moisture and there are many products out there which can help you. Usually we tend to recommend the use of Osmo products when treating timber.

Solid Oak flooring is also suitable for areas with high traffic (Places where it is walked on a lot) because of its incredible durability. Where used in areas where there is less chance of the temperature changing and in areas where floor is in contact with minimal moisture the timber is less likely to warp. This means that you can choose not to have relief grooves cut into your flooring, this means that you get to choose the side of flooring you prefer when laying it.

This choice means that you can either pick the side which is cleanest or with the most character depending on your own personal tastes. The cleaner a piece of timber is the less knots it has whereas the more characterful a timber is the more knots it contains.

How does the solid Oak flooring fit together?

Our solid Oak flooring fits together via the tongue and groove pattern that your flooring is machined to. You can find a handy guide to fitting solid oak flooring online. However, we do recommend that you consult a professional and ask them for help and advice when fitting your flooring.