Articles: Do I need to buy Oak Flooring with relief grooves?

Our solid timber floors can be machined into two profiles for you to choose from. Our IWF1 which only has the tongue and groove on either side and our IWF2 which has relief grooves cut into one side of the board.

Relief grooves are designed to allow the timber to expand and contract without warping so much. Oak flooring can be subject to movement depending on the change in ambient temperature. The grooves do have to go facedown so you do get the disadvantage of not being able to pick your preferred side, whereas the advantage of reducing the potential risk of warping could benefit you.

We supply Prime Quality, Light Character and Rustic grades of solid Oak flooring with the main difference between the three being the knot content. Prime grade is the most modern looking of the flooring and is almost knot free with some very small knots. Light Character has a few knots but again they are only small, whereas rustic will have many knots some of which will be large. This gives Rustic the more traditional old-fashioned look and feel.

How can I treat Oak Flooring?

All the unfinished solid timber flooring we supply is supplied untreated so that you can apply the treatment that you want to it. When treating your oak flooring you need to make sure that you select the right treatment because some won’t be suitable for use on floors in bathrooms and kitchens.

You can find more information on the available finishes from Wood Finishes Direct. They are experts in treating timber and not only is there excessive information on their website they are also great people to speak to for advice.

If you would like any help with choosing your flooring then please give us a call on 01889 279 018