Articles: Solid Oak Tongue and Groove Boards

We supply high quality oak flooring which is both durable and looks great. Our solid flooring is machined to fit together perfectly and consistently across your floor. We produce and deliver the exact amount of timber you require in random lengths of 2m-4m. Unlike our engineered flooring which has an oak wear layer, this flooring is solid oak all of the way through.

There are three different Grades for you to choose from when selecting your flooring. These grades are what determine the look and feel for your timber and it is down to your own personal taste on which one you go for.

Prime Quality
Prime Quality Oak is the cleanest grade we supply and by clean we mean that it contains very minimal knots and if there are any at all they will only be very small. Prime Quality Oak flooring has the more contemporary modern look of the grades we supply.

Light Character
Light character grade Oak contains a few small knots and the characterful nature of the timber is one of the reasons that makes it so popular. Light character is the middle of the grade range and is a great choice if you like the appearance of knots but don’t want any large dead knots.

Rustic looking timber is something that we are frequently asked about and seems to be a current trend in a lot of markets where people want things to feel old. Rustic Oak will contain many large knots and lives up the rustic vibe.

What profile of Oak Tongue and Groove Flooring should I go for?

We machine flooring to two tongue and groove oak flooring profiles IWF1 and IWF2 and each of them have their own advantages.

IWF1 is only machined along the long edges as T&G there are no relief grooves which means that you can choose the side you prefer to be face up.

Whereas, IWF2 does have relief grooves which must be face down when fitted. The advantage of relief grooves are they help to reduce warping should the boards expand or contract due to temperature variations.

So the choice is yours you can either decide to have the choice of which side you lay face up or the security of relief grooves.