Articles: Happy New Year! Bring on 2023

iWood returns to tackle 2023

We're back after the end of year holiday break and we're keen to get stuck into a variety of projects starting the new year.

Excited for what's in store we've got all manner of offers, sales and new product lines in the works to consistently bring you the best quality and the best prices.

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After a turbulent 2022 following an even more difficult couple of Covid years, things seem to be stabilizing in 2023. Ofcourse we can't forget about the tension and conflict over to the east, but the UK is doing their best to manage, which gives us hope for the new year.

Goals for 2023 in the timber trade

The economic turbulence of 2022 left many timber tradesman and merchants concerned for the best course of action, price fluctuations due to supply issues and worldwide strain slowed down our beloved timber trade.

Luckily, iWood was ready. We utilized this time to secure long lasting professional relationships with our various connections overseas and here in the UK to ensure we were able to stabilise our prices throughout the year and going into 2023.

As a result, our regular customers as well as new ones found that we stayed consistent in quality and price, even going into 2023 where most are reluctantly increasing their prices.

That's not all.

With the crash of Siberian Larch supply and other Eastern European timbers from last years sanctions, we've been looking for alternatives and to boost our own economy in the UK by promoting more British timbers.

If you use alot of Siberian Larch you'll likely know that supply is dwindling and what you can find in the UK is all that is left for Siberian Larch, no more supply will be coming. Suffice to say those alternative options need to be on the table ready to take over.

Starting with Thermowood, our newest product stepping in for Siberian Larch and a suitable alternative. You can buy Thermowood in various products available online on the iWood website. If you'd like to know more, we've written an article about it too: New Thermowood Products

Then ofcourse the rise of timbers grown right here on British soil. There have been many incentive programmes to promote the use of more British timbers in the UK by various British organizations such as Grown in Britain but their imported cousins were often the favoured choice. These overseas timbers however have rose significantly in price over the past few years though and the more cost effective British timbers are have become a competitive choice.

Follow the links below to browse some of our most popular softwood products:

British Western Red Cedar British Larch British Douglas Fir
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Round Slats
Beams External

Closing thoughts

Whilst things look up for 2023, its important to consider who your supplier is and how they treat you. Do you get consistent quality timber? Do you have an open line of communication? Do they have a solid aftercare system that you can rely on?

These points, and more, are crucial for your business or as an individual making a one off purchase. We proudly meet each demand of our customers and we help you where others may not. We're committed to a good service and our quality timber promise ensures peace of mind when placing an order with iWood timber.

Send us an email to or give us a call on 01889597281. Like many before, you might make a new lifetime supplier to cover all of your timber needs.