Articles: UK Landowners take notice of the new PIES Project

Ever since the First World War, increasing the UK’s forestry has been high on the agenda for the government in order to increase the use of our own renewable resources and help the planet at the same time.

We wrote some time ago about the planting goal of the woodland trust where they are trying to plant 50 million trees by 2025, well there’s a new scheme that will hopefully add to that by another organisation called Grown in Britain (GiB). GiB has launched the PIES (Protect, Improve, Expand and Sustain) project in association with the Forest Canopy Foundation and Sylvia Foundation.

Their goal is to create a support network for landlords so that they can easily comply with the UK Forestry Standard for producing a sustainable supply of timber, for everything from paper to the highest quality home grown Oak.

Who are the parties involved?

Grown in Britain
Grown in Britain are a company that offers certification for companies supply and buy wood using sustainable sources and methods. They carry out yearly audits to make sure that the timber sold using their accreditation has the correct paper trail and comes from sustainable forests, helping to keep our timber resources and more importantly our planet healthy.

Sylva Foundation
The Sylva foundation are dedicated to making sure we get the most out of our forests, they are working with forestry stewards to make sure we are treating our forests correctly and getting the most out of them in terms of yield and their environmental advantages.

Forest Canopy Foundation
The forest canopy foundation was formed in order to help the government with their goal of becoming Carbon Neutral in 2050. They are made up of a collaborative team of directors from private forestry companies who are working together to make our forests more abundant.

How do I get involved?

If you’re a landlord and you would like to get involved in the PIES project, you can fill out a form on the Sylva foundation website. Initial applications are closing in July 22.