Articles: Woodland Trust Announce Ambitious Programme

The Woodland Trust have announced plans to plant 50 million trees by 2025 in order to tackle climate change. The ambitious goal is definitely achievable despite planting rates being down 30% due to the current worldwide restrictions.

As they strive towards helping the government become carbon neutral, they have asked for everyone’s help, whether that’s planting a tree in your garden, school or even workplace.

As quoted by Country Living, Darren Moorcroft (CEO of the Woodland Trust), said "Today I outline our commitment to establish 50 million trees by 2025 to achieve our 10 year aim of a tree for everyone in the UK. This would more than double our most successful year ever and state our ambition to plant 10 million trees a year to 2025 and further, 20 percent of the entire UK yearly target as set out by the government."

This would be an amazing achievement and something we feel everyone should get behind.

Other Benefits to Planting Trees

Aside from the benefits in fighting climate change, planting more trees would have increased benefits for local wildlife, and provide more timber for use in the building trade, and as we start to use the remaining fossil fuels, timber is one of the more reliable renewable materials we are already using.

UK to Become Carbon Neutral

In a moment of clarity and vision, the government announced last year their plans to make the UK Carbon Neutral by 2050. Being Carbon neutral would be a huge milestone in preserving the incredible planet we are lucky enough to share.

But what does being Carbon Neutral actually mean and how can it be achieved?

Pollution has been a major issue for many years now and is something the world is only starting to truly fight. Becoming Carbon Neutral would mean that for any carbon emissions the UK emits, there will be the equivalent amount of greenhouse gases absorbed from the atmosphere via a number of different schemes.

These schemes not only involve planting trees, but also other carbon capture and storage technology.