Articles: Glitz, Glamour… Oak Flooring

When thinking of timber, you’d be forgiven for immediately thinking of Oak. These large strong, often ancient, trees have their roots buried in our culture.

Oak’s strength and beauty makes it fit for grand halls, palaces and the lounge of the local public house thus showcasing its ability to morph into its surroundings, Britain’s very own chameleon. Maybe Chameleon is the wrong word, Oak actually transforms its environment, not itself. Food for thought.

Transforming your home

With its many uses, and forms oak can be used throughout the home in a number of different places, whether it be interior trim like skirting, furniture and/or high-quality flooring.

Oak flooring is a phenomenal solution for anywhere around your home. Its high durability allows it to flourish everywhere from the hall to the kitchen and bedroom to bathroom. This incredible product can take being in an area that is high wearing, with a high footfall and where contact with water is a high probability like in the bathroom or kitchen. All you need to do is protect you Oak flooring with treatments to stop moisture from getting into the wood.

As a finished product very few can compete with oaks feeling of grandeur, which is why many furniture makers try to replicate with materials like veneer, which is a cheaper alternative to solid wood. Which leads us on nicely to a rather good product, which isn’t strictly all it seems…

Engineering an alternative

To go along with the unfinished solid timber flooring we also offer a treated Oak alternative, this is available in rustic grade (with any dead knots filled with resin and smoothed over) with a number of exceptional colours pre-applied.

Engineered oak flooring, is interesting because on the face of it, it does have an oak surface, however, the bottom of the board is a plywood which is fixed to the timber. Despite this the flooring is still high quality and high wearing, with the advantage that it won’t move so much as a solid timber floor and the price maybe considerably cheaper for a finished product, that only needs laying.