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Solid Oak Hardwood Flooring

Getting the décor right in your home can be quite a difficult thing to achieve, you’ll be the one to see it day in day out so you understandably want it perfect. As a result, this process can take many years of changes and modifications until it’s spot on.

One thing that we’ve always had positive feedback on when it comes to interior décor is our European Oak Flooring, hardwood flooring is quite popular in general as it offers a natural yet modern and bespoke feature to your home. Especially recently with the rise of sustainability concerns that many countries are taking more seriously.

We at iWood advocate for sustainable practices aswell and many of our timbers are certified by both the FSC® or PEFC organizations.

Solid Oak Flooring

Solid Oak Flooring
We are the timber experts in oak and we know when a piece of oak is up to our high quality standards, so if you’re here for hardwood flooring you’ve come to the right place!

The reason why we’re an oak specialist is because as a species of timber nothing else even comes close to the benefits oak provides for its fantastic pricetag. Structurally it’s one of the most robust timbers with a strength to weight ratio better than even steel and will often see use in the construction industry.

It’s also wonderfully versatile in joinery and has an exceptionally distinguished and unique aesthetic, its so iconic that some people even prefer to have it with more knots which would normally be considered a drawback.

When we think of hardwood flooring crafted from solid oak we think of words like quality, stability and longevity. All of these descriptions are exactly what you’re looking for when flooring your home and unfinished solid Oak flooring is as you would expect, simply, glorious untreated kiln dried oak, cut bespoke to your required measurements ready to be seamlessly butted together with tongue and groove fixtures.

We do offer several other options of unfinished hardwood flooring which have a range of other unique aesthetics and properties themselves, however, we do thoroughly recommend oak as its just such an exceptional timber. We at iWood love it so much that some of our staff have even had it fitted into their homes!

If you’re interested in purchasing hardwood flooring, we have an online calculator where you can select your preferred grade and get instant and bespoke prices for your requirements. We’ve also put together another article detailing how to best maintain your Solid Oak Flooring and keep it looking crisp for decades to come.

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