Articles: Summer Renovation

Summer is here! It's time to fire up the barbecue's and fill up the garden pools. With freedom day creeping closer, this year is going to be one to remember!

What better time can you ask for to make your garden something to be proud of and invite all the friends and family around to visit.

We are not just a raw material merchant, we also supply bespoke cut to size timber with all manner of personalization options. You can specify section sizes, lengths, profiling, planing and even design your own structure.

These options are perfect when improving your home because it means you can get all of your timber requirements in one place. We’ve built our website with the intention of streamlining the ordering process and making it more understandable and accessible so that even those with little knowledge on timber can get exactly what they need.


Siberian Larch Decking One of our more popular home improvement options is outdoor decking. We offer a range of different quality timbers that look stunning in place, such as Yellow Balau and Siberian Larch.

Siberian Larch is one of our more popular decking options, its an exceptionally tough softwood and can be easily graded to C24 strength rating. Not only that but it’s a very affordable timber with excellent longevity, which is ideal when looking into a high traffic area like decking.

Yellow Balau, Cumaru, Itauba and Greenheart are the more exotic timbers that we have to offer, and as tropical hardwoods they are by nature, perfectly suited to decking because of their immense durability and low maintenance.

Ofcourse since we are an oak specialist, we also offer oak decking. Oak decking is as robust as it is aesthetic and will make a spectacular addition to any garden, however, one important factor to note is that treatment must be done spot on due to it being kiln dried.