Articles: New Species of Decking Available

We have been working hard over the last couple of months to source additional decking timbers. We felt we needed to supply something different to the standard hardwoods on our website, so we have attempted to source some tropical species for you to choose from.

Decking built from tropical timber is very low maintenance, as treatment doesn’t extend their lifespan, as well as being exceptional to look at. These timbers are incredibly durable which is why they are regularly used on ship decks where they are subject to a lot of wear and tear, not only from the footfall, but the almost constant contact with water as well.

These new decking timbers are available in our IWD7 profile which is planed all round with a 3mm radius on all four corners. The finished size is 145mm x 19mm.

Cumaru Decking

Cumaru is a medium-dark brown colour and has a waxy/oily feel to it. One of the main advantages of Cumaru timber is its immense durability. When fixed correctly it last in excess of 30 years so you really do get your money’s worth.

The select and better grade we supply is almost knot free, so you get the contemporary finish you require.

Itauba Decking

Itauba ranges in colour from Yellow to dark brown. This timber is extremely dense and hard wearing, giving it the perfect attributes for your decking requirements. It is important to pre-drill Itauba boards before fixing your decking to make sure they don’t split.

Sourced from across Brazil, Itauba is available from well managed sources, however it is important to cultivate it properly so that we can all enjoy this wonderous timber.

Bangkirai / Yellow Balau Decking

Yellow Balau (also known as Bangkirai) is the most commonly known timber on this list. It’s a popular decking choice around the world, it is not as difficult to treat as some of the other tropical timbers so you can UV protect it where necessary however, it’s still durable enough to not need treatment.

Bangkirai has an interlocked grain, making it difficult to machine, so buying the timber pre-machined to a profile gives you a helping hand.