Articles: Protect your Oak Flooring for Winter

If you have solid oak flooring, or indeed any other species of hardwood flooring, winter time can really take its toll and greatly increase the wear on your beloved timber.

The wet, muddy weather can leave grimy deposits on your floor and the likelihood of extra moisture finding its way in, from pets and Wellington boots is greatly increased.

Going form the extremes of nightly or door-left-wide-open chills to full-blast central heating can cause the timber of your floor to expand and contract more than usual, with the possibility of even more moisture being able to work its way in, exacerbating the problem. Left unchecked, over time your floor could rot or encourage the growth of fungus, neither of which are obviously welcome in the family home.

As the nights start drawing in and you feel the need to fasten your coat up as the temperatures fall, consider setting aside time to treat your oak flooring with an oil or preservative.

iWood doesn't recommend any particular type or brand, but your local DIY store or a quick internet search will show many different types of preservers, lacquers, oils and stains to suit any type of floor in any environment.

A great benefit of applying a treatment to a solid oak floor once it’s laid, is that you’ll be left with a complete barrier across the whole surface of your floor unlike pre-treated laminates that allow moisture to get between the boards and cause problems.

We know you’re busy, but take the time to look after your oak floor and it will stay looking great for many years to come.