Timber Knowledge: Timber Construction

Marine Timber At Work;
Timber is used heavily in marine environments because of it flexibility of use. The durability and strength of certain timbers
Blue Staining on Green Timber;
Green Timber is also known as Fresh Sawn and it means that the wood hasn’t had time to air dry
Trusses For Construction;
Trusses are used frequently in construction to support roofs on buildings. Classically in a triangle shape you can get trusses
The upside and downside of timber based construction;
The upside and downside of timber based construction When considering constructing a building that's timber cladded or framed, it's a good
Beam grading rules - QPA and QP1;
Click here to download the full Oak Beam Visual Grading Rules QPA Grading (Highest quality) Sawn timber with sharp arrises (edges); in
Constructional Timbers;
We supply constructional timbers in both hardwood and softwood. When purchasing constructional timbers, it is important that you ask a