Siberian Larch : Working with Siberian Larch

Although Siberian Larch is good to machine and saw when shaping the board into the designated profile (decking or cladding) it is difficult to treat and is susceptible to splitting when nailing into place. To help prevent the board from splitting it is recommended practice to predrill the board.

Treating the board is quite difficult because of how tough the wood is although we recommend persevering to help prevent the wood from warping and splitting.

Siberian Larch is usually used outdoors as cladding or decking because its durability gives it a fairly long lifespan. Because nailing it can cause splitting pre-drill any hole and hold the board with the screw head rather than the shaft, this will allow the timber to move without splitting (only use stainless steel nails and screws so that they don’t get corroded by the timber).