Siberian Larch : Uses of Siberian Larch

Because it’s so dense and durable, Siberian Larch is ideal for external use where it’s exposed to the elements, as it’s grown in an environment where the average January temperature is -25 degrees Celsius!

With its relative hardness, durability and small moisture movement, Siberian larch is well suited to decking, cladding, and external joinery projects where it needs to stand up to the elements.

This same beneficial hardness of the timber actually makes it quite difficult to treat, as it’s hard to get product to penetrate the timber due to the amount of resin in it. The most common treatment is some kind of ultraviolet protector, such as an Osmo oil, to keep the colour of the timber. We recommend a company called Wood Finishes Direct who’ll be able to give you the best treatment advice.