Siberian Larch : Siberian vs British Larch

There are a few differences between the Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica) and British Larch (Larix decidua), the most obvious one is the colour. Siberian Larch is a yellow brown colour whereas the British is more of an orange colour, but the differences don’t stop there.

Another big difference between the two is durability, Siberian Larch’s growing conditions make is a lot more durable than the British Timber which makes it the prime choice for exterior work like cladding and decking. The harshness of the Siberian environment means that Siberian Larch is particularly impervious to the cold and frost of winter months.

Although they are quite different both of these timbers are used for very similar things like cladding and exterior joinery although we would only recommend Siberian for purposes other than cladding because of the difference in durability.

Both larches are very reasonably priced and are great value for the quality you receive.