Timber Knowledge: Siberian Larch

Where is Siberian Larch From?;
The Siberian Larch tree, sometimes called Russian Larch, does indeed grow in Siberia, but Siberia is an enormous province in
The Siberian Larch Tree;
The Siberian Larch tree, Latin name Larix Sibirica, grows, as the name suggests, in Siberia, a Russian province where the
Uses of Siberian Larch;
Because it’s so dense and durable, Siberian Larch is ideal for external use where it’s exposed to the elements, as
Siberian Larch for External Cladding;
Siberian Larch experiences very little moisture movement due to its density, meaning it is very stable and resists movement once
Siberian Larch for Decking;
Because of its hardness and durability, Siberian Larch is also very popular for decking. Again, because of its stability, it
Siberian Larch Timber;
Siberian Larch is well known for its contrasting and uniform grain, which shows the clear annual growth rings of the
Working with Siberian Larch;
Although Siberian Larch is good to machine and saw when shaping the board into the designated profile (decking or cladding)
Siberian vs British Larch;
There are a few differences between the Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica) and British Larch (Larix decidua), the most obvious one