Oak : Oak Tree

European & English Oak Tree

The European Oak trees stand between 18m and 30m tall depending on growth conditions and the diameter of the tree is around 1.2-2.0m. Oak trees can be found in wet areas by streams and rivers, however, its preferred conditions are fertile and well-watered soils.

There are a few different pests and diseases that target Oaks like Oak Processionary Moth, Acute Oak Decline, powdery mildew and Sudden Oak Death (iWood’s timber is free from pests and diseases).

American Oak Tree

American White Oak trees vary in size depending on growing conditions and can reach heights between 15m and 30m with a diameter of around 1m. The trees preferred growing conditions are full sun and moist acidic soil.

Just like the European tree American Oaks are subject to pests and diseases. Some of the main pests are Gypsy Moths and wood boring beetles and they are susceptible to Foamy Bark Canker, bacterial leaf scorch and root rot.

Common Features

All Oaks have a huge influence on there environment and offer food and shelter to an abundance of animals including birds and small mammals. There are also a number of truffles and fungi which have symbiotic relationships with Oak trees.

Nations Favourite

Oak trees are popular around the world and is the national tree of many countries including:

  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • USA
  • Wales